This week is National Adoption week. 

It’s a week for profiling Adoption and the need for more adopters to step forward. It’s important to say that Adoption is not for everyone. It certainly is a challenging way to grow your family as children will often be placed for adoption with a history of trauma and neglect. They will almost always not be babies available for adoption. While there are many challenges facing adoptive families as they grow together; there is certainly lots of happiness to be found too. For us, it is almost 10 years since our adopted children came to live with us and life changed significantly! It’s also just over 5 years since we had a surprise birth child too. I think one of the best aspects of adoption for us has been the incredible bond our adopted girls share together but also how they absolutely adore their younger 5 year old sister who just sees them as sisters completely. Here she is dressing up and playing in her big sister’s room……..check out that grin! 

Family isn’t about who you are blood related to. It’s about love. It’s about being accepted just as you are and welcomed in. 

If you have space in your heart and a little bit of space in your home, could you open up your life to adoption? 

If you know me at all, you’ll know that the last few years it has been wonderful to be championing the work of Home for Good; a Christian charity encouraging churches to support adopters, foster careers and their children. If you want to know more about adoption, what it involves and how you can be involved, check out for more information and check out #supportadoption on social media for inspirational stories on all things adoption this week. 

Ruth x