Middle daughter has gone away this week on her school residential. She went off really happily and I instructed her that at the very least, she needs new pants every day!!! Yes I’m that parent!!!! 

After school our routine was a bit different and we ended up going to the park and had an impromptu picnic with friends. I LOVE living here! It really is the loveliest, friendliest place I’ve ever lived!! 

Youngest enjoyed a sunny play in the park and did make me giggle when she climbed the big spider web saying ‘tell me how much further to the top mummy!’ ‘Tell me I’m almost there!’ Etc etc. It made me realise how as a parent our job is to keep encouraging and cheering our kids on whatever stage of life they’re at. 

We had a lovely walk home (meeting eldest on her way home) in the sunshine admiring these beautiful forget-me-nots growing on our street! Did I say I LOVE living here??!!!! 

Ruth xxx