Yesterday I went to the dentist and I sat in the chair WITHOUT ANY FEAR!!!! I have not gone to the dentist and felt fearful for over 20 years!!! Previous to this year, I absolutely hated going and refused to go due some previous very bad, very painful experiences and for about five years I ignored it…..until…… I suffered with acute dental pain in January this year. It took two months for me to pluck up courage to go. 

When I finally went I was shaking and crying in the chair!! It was so bad!! 

It was lovely that a friend of mine was a dental nurse at the practice I went to. She held my hand, literally! I also had many people praying for me and I had listened to some amazing music (You make me Brave by Bethel music is completely awesome! I highly recommend it!!) and I began to feel less fearful. It was still not pleasant but wow, I did it!! 

When I went back yesterday I was expecting to feel fearful again but I realised I didn’t! 

We have been doing a big sermon series at our church recently called ‘Free from…’ and a big topic was Free from fear. This was a hard topic for me. I have suffered with anxiety and can be prone to worry A LOT. If there’s something to worry about, I will find it! During this sermon series, God used His amazing word ‘For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.’ 2 Timothy 1:7 and a brilliant song called ‘No longer slaves’ by Bethel Music to really speak to me and also to many others. I recommend this song completely! Listen to it and let the words soak into you. 

 I believe God has really helped me with my fear and anxiety. I give Him praise from releasing me from this! 

We are living in days where there is a lot to be fearful about. However, God can be trusted. He is faithful. He is living. He is loving.He is in control. I’m so glad He is! 

Ruth xxx