Be warned! You know how passionate about adoption I am so expect your timeline to be filled with National Adoption week ‘stuff’ next week! The theme this year is ‘Too old at 4?’  
Many children after the age of 4 do not find an adoptive family or they do but it takes much longer. Our eldest daughter was 3 years 8 months when she came to us and I can’t bear to think of her waiting and waiting for a forever family just because she was older. I have to admit that our ‘cut off age’ (ugh! Cringing at that phrase!) was four years old when we went through the adoption assessment. I think we thought we just couldn’t handle an older child but the truth is our eldest adopted daughter was only a few months off 4 when she came to us and had we delayed our process, she may never have come to us! 
I guess what I’m trying to say is that it is important to realise that every child who comes into the adoption system will have trauma of some kind regardless of their age. There is a misconception that the younger the child, the ‘easier’ adoption will be. This is a very hot topic. There are no hard and fast rules. Please, if you thinking of adopting, please be open to adopting older children. We weren’t and almost lost out because of our preconceptions. Many many children who are older than 4 are waiting in the system. They need forever families to love them and look after them. Could you be that family? 

National adoption week runs from 19th to 25th October 2015. More information can be found at or at