I’ve never been very good at swimming so I’ve always determined that my girls would be good, strong swimmers. My older two started lessons fairly young and we sat through HOURS and HOURS of lessons to get them swimming. (You’ve been there, done that and got the Tshirt right?) they now swim like fish and are really confident in every stroke. I really love to see their confidence and strength in the water. 

We’ve just been on holiday with access to a swimming pool. We’ve been swimming every day, the older two have swim like fish (11 year old swam 105 lengths today!), getting our youngest more and more confident at swimming and generally just chilling out and relaxing. It’s been really good for us all. 

Yesterday I attempted to swim on my back. This is something I’ve really really struggled with. I’m ok with breast stroke and front crawl (quite chuffed that I beat the 11 year old in a race!!) but I just don’t swim on my back!! But I had a go and I persevered and I actually did it!! BUT I could only do it when I LET GO and went past the point where I couldn’t always have control, where I just had to TRUST. And do you know what? When I let go, I could do it. When I stopped feeling wracked with fear and nerves and just let go, I succeeded and achieved. 

And all the time I kept being reminded that this is exactly what it is like with my relationship with God. 

When I hold onto something too tightly it doesn’t work. When I think I can do something in my own strength (fix my kids’ behaviour, fix my kids’ arguments, find my next career move, the list goes on…) it just doesn’t work! When I ‘let go and let God’ (this was actually a specific word I received in April 2012), God rushes in and helps me. He holds me, just like He did in that water when I was quite frightened. He is there. Even in the bleakest of times, in the loneliest of moments, He is there. 

I’ve been reading a new daily devotional called #first5. (If you haven’t found it yet, it’s free on the App Store and I highly recommend it). We’ve been studying John on there for the past few weeks and amongst many powerful verses, this one stands out to me; ‘He must become greater, I must become less.’ John 3:30.     I couldn’t agree more! 

I hope you’ve had a great week!

Ruth x