It’s been such a crazy busy end of term!! Lots of goodbyes and endings! My youngest finished preschool (how has that happened? She just started!!) and my eldest finished primary school! Both have had a lovely lovely time in their respective settings and the celebrations were wonderful but exhausting!! 

Firstly, eldest……

The Year 6 leavers’ party. Cake, sugar, food, pizza, water fights, loud music, pampering treats, happy children, dedicated staff and lovely parents! It was great!! 

The class performed the Lion king as their final performance in primary school (hence the cake above!) It was fabulous and my eldest girl had all of her grandparents to watch her as well as her parents and one younger sister! I was so incredibly proud of her and all her lovely classmates, some of them I gave known since preschool days. 

All through this though we were acutely aware that she was just loving it, not grieving the end (as I was!) so it was lovely that she soaked it all up without too much emotion. You see my daughter doesn’t do emotions!! She doesn’t do hugs or ‘feelings’ really at all!! She will cry if other friends are crying but she doesn’t feel it in the same way as others. As quite an emotional person myself, I find this quite tricky but hey ho, we are all different! Ironically though, my husband is very similar! 

This is her at the end of her final day at primary school and as I type this, she is out with friends already! She is moving on and growing up so fast! We are thankful for her good school with great teachers and a lovely Headteacher. She has had stability throughout with thoughtful, kind staff who have led her along the way. Now comes the next great adventure…..secondary school!! 

And here’s youngest at her graduation day from preschool. She’s moving on too and is getting ready for her next move to big school too! She has loved preschool and has changed so much, learnt so much and made lovely friendships too. She is fortunate to have big school just a few footsteps away from preschool and is going with lots of friends from preschool too. 

But for now we are all on holidays and are enjoying some much needed family time. 

Ruth x