It’s hot today and it’s summer and so my natural deduction is that it’s time for ice cream!! 

I had to drop off one of my girls for a gym lesson today so I took the other two out for ice cream! (Don’t worry we didn’t forget the gymnast and she had ice cold ice cream delivered to her when we picked her up!!) 


One of my girls said to me, very sweetly, ‘shall I pay you for my ice cream?’ 

They’ve been busy saving and planning how to use their pocket money and the use of money has been much more ‘real’ to them lately! They’re hopefully getting a lot more money ‘wise’ (I’m hoping anyway!!) so sometimes they do pay for their own stuff. Sometimes we pay. It’s the way it goes. 

I refused any money and just said ‘it’s a treat!’ to which my daughter replied ‘what have I done?’ 

I responded: ‘Nothing, it’s a treat. You don’t have to earn it!’ 

I love them and they don’t have  to earn my love. It’s just there. Always. In the ups and downs. Hot and cold days. Ice cream days and hot chocolate days. Always. ❤️