I haven’t blogged for a while.  Life has been pretty packed lately! But I just wanted to say how much I love how my littlest one just chills out! Look at her cute little feet!!! 

This tiny one is off to school in September. She’s not even 4 yet but her school uniform arrived the other day!! Unbelievable isn’t it?! I’m trying to be ‘relaxed’ about it but it’s incredibly hard!! 

It’s made me realise just how quickly children grow. Ok people tell you and say ‘make the most of them while they’re little, they grow quickly….’

I’ve been the one who has rolled my eyes and thought ‘yeah yeah’ but now it’s actually happening……

My eldest girl is also ‘moving on’ and she’s going to secondary school in September. She’s just done ‘big grown up girl’ things like her Sats tests and a whole week away with school on a residential. All as cool as a cucumber. She has amazing friends, a lovely primary school and is really settled. Her secondary school uniform was bought last week too and she knows now, like me, that things WILL change. 

Change is often good. It’s often refreshing. But it can be hard and emotional. 

I’ve certainly been feeling it recently and I want to enjoy this last half term of preschool with my youngest and I also want to enjoy this last half term with my eldest as she finishes one phase of her young life and embarks on another. 

I’m hanging on tight cos it could be a bumpy ride!! Eek!! 

Ruth xxxx