I’m really chuffed that I’ve blown my original target of raising £50 for UNICEF by Living below the Line (on less than £1 per day) for a week. 

Look what’s happened globally!!!!  



I’ll be honest. It’s over a week since I finished and I’ve loved eating normally ever since!!! BUT the whole experience still lingers with me so much so that I can’t stop thinking about the cost of food or how much I’m eating. It’s strange that this week I haven’t felt hungry. Not once! That’s not good is it?? I should feel hungry sometimes. I should go without sometimes. It’s felt like my over indulged life has caught up with me and this has been a catalyst for me to really think about what I eat, how I eat it, how I shop for it, how can I be more effective in shopping for food, how can I HVs to others, to local food banks, charities etc more often and so the list goes on. 

I’m delighted that people have got behind me with their support financially, prayerfully and thoughtfully too. (Thank you to one special friend for the celebration chocolates when I finished!!!) I really appreciate it!! 

You can still donate here https://www.livebelowtheline.com/me/ruthybart until the end of June. 

Thank you, 

Ruth x