Actually today hasn’t been a grumpy day as I’ve been surrounded by lovely people at my coffee morning for my Phoenix Trading business including my neighbours. It’s always great to have people over for a cuppa and chat and I baked cakes for the occasion. I costed my homemade cake at £1.10 so that if I had a piece, I knew what it would cost! 

So breakfast was brioche again at 18p and I had a slice of cake for lunch at 13p!! Not very healthy but very lovely!! 

I’m having an egg and toast for my tea which is 22p. Leaving me with 47p for a treat!!! I’m not sure what that is yet but I am excited!!!! And tomorrow I will be done so……hurray!!!!! 

But it is not over for 1.2 billion people all over the world. £1 in the third world buys more food than it does here but quite often people live off less than £1 EVERY DAY. This week I know I have been no where near as hungry as all these people are. After all I have plenty of reserves to help me!!  It’s humbling and quite scary to experience though even just a bit of this hunger. As a mother, I would never want my children to experience that hunger and it breaks my heart that that is what families have to do. So hard, so moving, and hopefully life altering. 

So what else have I learnt from this week? 

1. The cost of food we eat/order each week is high! I’m challenged to see how I can cut down the cost of our weekly shop. You can actually live on a lot less than you think! 

2. The way hunger makes you feel – grumpy, lethargic, weak, tired. All these things while having ‘normal’ family life going on is challenging!!! But my girls have been very supportive! Thanks girls!!! 

3. I will really try to never say that ‘I’m starving!’ I really have never been in my life and I thank God that I’m unlikely to be. 

4. To pray more! For those who have nothing or very little to eat. Nepal is particularly on my mind this week but there are so many countries where there is such a need! 

Thank you for your support! I really appreciate it! 

See you on the ‘other side of the line’! Where I am blessed to be. Thank you God. 

Ruth x