Today is day 4 of #livingbelowtheline. It’s been very tough! 

Breakfast was a brioche costing 18p (I’ve been very unimaginative at my breakfasts this week. I blame sleepiness!) 

I baked cakes this morning (for an upcoming event!) which was hard as I was so blooming hungry!!! I was strong though!!! I promise. 

This was lunch costing 25p. 

Caved and ate a banana and a mini milk this afternoon (I blame the 3 year old ‘munching machine’ girl but it was wonderful!!!) They both cost 12p each so only half a potato (15p) and beans (15p) was left in the budget for tea!!! 

Tea was good though. I slow cooked the potatoes making them extra tummy and at the time of writing, I actually feel FULL. Wow. I wonder how long that will last! 

I think I have 3p left for today (hunger does funny things to me including affecting my limited maths skills!!). I’m going to go crazy and have a drink of water with a minute amount of squash tonight……if my calculations are right!! 

But tomorrow is day 5 and the END for me but 1.2 billion people live like this EVERY DAY!!! Make a change and please help me out and donate!!! Even better… this challenge yourself!!! I’d support you all the way!!!
Love Ruth xxx