I am HUNGRY! It’s starting to be all I can think about!! I couldn’t wait for my lunch and was desperate to eat it by 10.30am!!!! 

But I kept going and ate at 12. Loaded Potato skins with cheese and ham costing me 41p in total. 

I’ve also bought a lemon costing 30p for the week to flavour my drinking water. It’s a good chunk of my weekly money but worth it. I don’t drink tea or coffee anyway but love cold drinks so I’ve put water in the fridge with lemon. It’s working quite well but does not replace my beloved squash or even hot chocolate! 

The grotty wet weather on the school run made be think of hot chocolate!! I really missed not having one and didn’t calculate what it would have cost but with milk, cocoa and sugar, it would probably gave cost me half my days budget!! 
Today has been by far the hardest day! But some hope and excitement when my UNICEF pack arrived today (I only signed up to this on Saturday night!!) 

The thing that looks like a measuring tape is actually a wristband used ‘on the field’ to assess if a child is malnourished. 

Red is the child is malnourished. 

Yellow is the child is in danger of being malnourished. 

Green is the child is safe and nourished. 

Mothers instinct was to immediately put it on my 3 year old and guess what? She’s green, she’s safe, she’s nourished, she’s healthy. So many mothers in these countries ‘on the field’ have to make the choice between giving their child food or an immunisation. I can’t even begin to imagine how difficult that is. 

In my pack there was an advent calendar to show how much was needed for various items. £24.75 could buy vitamin sprinkles for three toddlers. £62.50 could provide life saving milk for 15 malnourished children and it goes on……please can you give? Donate here: https://www.livebelowtheline.com/me/ruthybart

There was also a great badge in the pack!!! 

That did make me smile!!!! 

Looking forward to tea: watch this space! 

It could be a grumpy afternoon ahead though as I have no money in the budget today for a mid afternoon banana!!!! Eek!!! 

Join me or support me here: https://www.livebelowtheline.com/me/ruthybart

Thank you!

Ruth xxx