No meat, just sauce and pasta. We all managed to eat for less tonight. My meal cost me 23p; (pasta 9p, value sauce 5p, onion 3p, garlic 4p and a tiny amount of cheese 2p) while everyone else had s very simple meal. They did get garlic bread though which we worked out was 13p a slice!!!! 

All this meant I could sneak a mid afternoon banana at 12p!! I’m on track! 

The girls were really thoughtful about it all. They all used the wristband (guess what? They’re all healthy) and we talked about children whose mothers might have to choose between vaccination for their child or feeding their child. One of my girls chose food, one chose the vaccine. No decision anyone should have to make. 

We also talked about the meaning of the word ‘malnourishment’ as one of my girls had never heard it before. I said that that was such a blessing to never have known the word. 

Even though my children aren’t doing this challenge, I hope it’s making them more aware of how lucky they are and how much we actually have. We are so ‘rich’ in what we can eat, drink, live etc. 

I’m feeling less hungry tonight. The Banana helped!! 

I have some amazing friends who are praying for me. Last night I went to bed more hungry than when I woke up! How???? I know how!! Prayers! Thank you for praying and cheering me on and thank you for your support! If you would like to donate here’s the link:

Ruth x