Today has gone really quickly so far! Spending time with lovely friends (while drinking only water!) has been great!! 

Breakfast was the same as yesterday costing just 18p. 

 Lunch was a little late but I did have a tortilla wrap (13p) with ham (6p) cheese (5p) and three cherry tomatoes (9p)! 
No chance for a photo (I’m pretty sure you know what that looks like anyway!!) as I was at a friends house eating it!! 

Banana for snack (12p) so I have spent 63p so far leaving me with 37p for my tea! I’m planning on an omelette using an egg for 12p, cheese, ham and 2 cherry tomatoes totalling 17p. It’s tight but I should just about do it!!!! 

Yesterday I did go under by 22p so I can afford to be closer to £1 today!!! 

And tomorrow I can celebrate being at the halfway point!!! Hurray!!!! 

This challenge even on day 2 has made me slightly obsessive with the cost of food!!!! Bags of sweets, a cup of coffee, even a bag of crisps can all cost more than £1! It’s crazy how much food costs and how much we spend on it really!!!! 

Please please sponsor me, even just a £1!!!! I’d love you forever!!!!!!
Thank you! Love Ruth xxx