One thing (among many) that 40 acts made me think about during Lent was to think of others more. Whether they are nearby or far away, how can I help others? How can I be better at making a difference and an impact? 

I hope that in some small way each day I am making a difference but sometimes it’s good to focus on one thing for a little while and after hearing of a few local friends doing a challenge, I decided I would too. 


I might be crazy. I LOVE my food. Far too much actually and have battled with my weight on and off for YEARS and it’s something I need to address and be more aware of. This campaign is an EXTREME start to hopefully a bit of weight loss for me but more importantly, an awareness of those in the world who live on less than £1 each and EVERY day. That is their LIFE!! So for just 5 days, I am going to eat and drink for just £1 a day. If you would like to sponsor me and support UNICEF and Tearfund, I’d really like that! Here’s my page:

So today so far: 

Breakfast:  water and a brioche 18p  

A decadent start!! 


Lunch: I was HUNGRY after a busy morning at forest school with my daughter and her friends. Here’s what I ate when I got home.

Bread 10p, one cherry tomato 3p and 10g of cheese 5p = 18p 

 I’m aiming to have a banana (12p) for mid afternoon snack! 
Tea will be rice with carrots, onions and a small amount of curry sauce. My children aren’t joining me in this challenge so I’m still cooking normally for them and I’m eating the ‘cheapest’ components of their meals!! 

Watch this space and if you can, please donate!

Ruth x