So our weekend saw some sun, some cloud and some fun! 

Today we went on a short cycle ride and Hannah is getting the hang of riding a bike with stabilisers! It doesn’t come naturally to her though!! 


We’ve enjoyed eating some chocolate goodies Sam picked up from a short ‘risk assessment’ trip to France and Belgium for a school trip in June! Yum yum!! 

 He also got me a bottle of my favourite perfume. It was like an early birthday!! 

My middle daughter has been makIng peg bags for our church building fund. She’s made 3 already and has two more orders to make! They’re good aren’t they?  

She’s slso been making ‘trailers’ on her iPad this weekend and taught me how to do it. We had fun! There’s been bouncing on our trampoline, digging in sand, shopping for new kitchens (very excited about that one!!) gym classes, films, games and Saturday night pizza too! All good fun! We also introduced a new ‘key jar’ to the dinner table but more on that later this week. 

I’ve just come back from dropping off my eldest at a Sunday night youth group, to find these beauties in my garden! Spring is here and summer is on its’ way!! Hurray!   

Hoping you have a great week! 

Ruth x