Not much to blog about this week. Back to ‘normality’ as much as possible and cramming in things I couldn’t get done during chicken pox week! We have our youngest daughter’s school place which is great. It’s been a hard contested year for places so it’s relief to know she’s ‘in’ the school we want for her. 

In other news….

I met up with a new friend today for coffee. She is waiting to adopt with her husband so she is in the thrusts of the waiting game at the moment. It got me thinking how that was us 8 years ago! We were approved to adopt but had to wait another three months for a match. A match that was to become our forever family. Every time the phone rang or the post arrived, the question was there, is this news about my children to be?! Talking to my friend brought that all back and it feels like oceans of time ago!! And look where we are now!! 

Time flies eh?! 

Ruth x