This week has been very odd so far! My big girls are back to school routine and I’m back to scooping them out of bed at silly o clock to get them up! We are getting there! 

My littlest one is not back to her routine at all due to chicken pox! On Monday she had a rough day, slept, ate a bit, tried not to scratch, generally survived it. I think that was the peak of it. So horrid!!


Yesterday she spent some time at Granny and Grandad’s and played there quite happily. She came home to a lovely card from a friend in the post. She was very happy!! 


She’s been sleeping quite well which is good. Thankful for medicine to stop night time itching!! 

Today is a beautiful day! Glorious sunshine for the school run and a bit of posing on the driveway!!! 


I think we are almost there! Just waiting for a few more spots to dry out. I’m unsure we will get to preschool this week. Watch this space. The main thing is she is feeling better in herself. Hurray! 

How are you? Hoping you are well and we haven’t shared the spots with you!! 

Ruth xxx