I might have gone a bit quiet recently but things are still busy! 

On Easter Day, we were featured (albeit briefly, look out carefully for us from 1:36 onwards) on this video for 40 acts! 


We also feature as part of this article too published yesterday: http://www.christiantoday.com/article/40acts.campaign.sparks.2.9.million.acts.of.kindness.during.lent/51607.htm

40 acts seems a long time ago already but we are already committing to continuing ‘acts’ throughout the year. One is to continue with our giving jar and empty it regularly to give to chosen charities. I have also decided to keep letter writing (I do own a stationery business so I have no excuse!!) and the post its will continue too – lunch boxes, mirrors, pillows……I’ll need no excuse to be a post it postman! 

Ruth x