Todays act is to ‘open up’ with others. To give an honest answer when people ask ‘How are you?’. I used to be really bad at this! Last year I got better at it but it still is tricky! It’s hard to open up, well for me it is! 


Today’s act had three options again and I opted for green (5 mins) and yellow (15 mins) options. 

Green: Be honest. Are you really ‘fine, thanks’? Is everything ‘good, yeah, really good!’? If it is, happy days! If not, don’t just say the words. Think before you answer; try to give a really honest response where appropriate, and show others that you’re genuinely interested in their answer too.

Challenging huh?! 😊

Yellow: Journals at the ready! Jesus experienced and reflected a full range of human emotions; so perhaps spend some time reading these short passages and writing down the things that speak to you: John 11:17-37, Matthew 26:36-46. 

Amidst the non routine of holidays and various children requesting various things from me, I did manage a few minutes to ponder on these scriptures. I was particularly struck in Matthew 26:38 where Jesus says his heart is ‘overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death. Stay here and keep watch with me.’ Jesus needed the support and love of his friends around him as he dealt with deep sorrow and fear. He asked his father God ‘to take this cup from me’ twice in this short passage but still submitted to God’s will saying ‘Yet not as I will but as you will.’ 

Wow. So powerful to see Jesus’ vulnerability and humanness in this passage but still a great trusting relationship with his Father God. Something very much that I need to aspire to. 




Ruth x