It might be April fools day but for some people they may not have much (or anything) to joke about. Today’s act was to lighten someone else’s load by doing some ‘Heavy lifting’ for others. 


I opted for the green act (there are three options: red, yellow or green available each day). 

Be kind, be aware, be educated. An ongoing attitude of ‘kindness first’ is a good first step. A small shift in your awareness can make all the difference on a daily basis. And it’s a great idea to read up on things like depression, anxiety and other mental health issues, so that you’re equipped to support people around you. 

There was a really interesting article about this very issue on today’s Act. I’d urge you to read it. Find it here:

I also did the yellow act too: Can you think of someone in particular who won’t be laughing today? Think of ways you might be able to make them smile…..

I spent some time writing to people in our church. Some are suffering with illness, some have been a great support to me recently and I wanted them to know that they are appreciated and valued. I hope the letters are an encouragement to them. 


In other news, we had great excitement yesterday!! We got a parcel from ‘thighland’ (that’s actually Thailand but my 10 year old couldn’t pronounce it!!) from our friends who work at Grace International school

Back at the beginning of 40 acts we started a giving jar which we have been adding to with money throughout the challenge. We have decided to give the money to two charities at the end of Lent. Grace international school is one of them. Our friends sent us a parcel to say thank you! It was very exciting!! We loved who it was addressed to!! 






We received Stickers, t shirts and bookmarks for the girls plus a lovely note from Matt Coe. Hubby wasted no time in wearing one of the shirts! Thank you to the Coe family who sent them to us. So kind!  

If you are interested in finding out more about Grace international school, look on their website or find them on facebook. They have a number of teacher vacancies they are looking to fill at the moment so we are praying for that need to be met. Please pray with us! 


Ruth x