Today’s act is to be more aware of the world around us, our carbon footprint and how we can take steps to reduce it.   

So today I have done a quick energy survey (do yours here: My carbon footprint isn’t great but not awful!! 

We will also be making sure we turn off lights that are on in a room that is not being used,  (my husband does this ALL the time and I am constantly nagging him about it!!) be frugal with charging up appliances and we may even attempt a whole hour without any electricity and just candlelight, food and a family game!!! 

The children’s acts are going well. They have been laying the table, helping make tea, trying not to argue (too much!!!) and take turns this week!!!  My 11 year old daughter’s favourite meal is spaghetti bolognese so this week I taught her how to cook it and it was very delicious! No photos as we were too busy!! 

In other news I found this online this morning and it made me giggle! I have a mix of aged children so this isn’t relevant to my older two but I’m still followed around by my 3 year old!! 


Have a great day! 

Ruth x