Today’s act is to pray for, write to or campaign for Christians who are persecuted.   Prior to today I had very little idea about the persecution of Christians. I knew it happened and tried to pray about it occasionally but I was ignorant to it really. 

Acts today gave us access to great websites that made me realise I could do something! 


You can write letters to persecuted Christian children and adults. I never knew this. So I have written to five women. Three are named, two are unnamed (you can find people’s names on the open doors website). 

I had no idea what to write! Thankfully, Open doors have that sorted and give you a template of a letter you can write.  




When I put my letters in the envelope, I prayed over it asking God to really comfort these women, to help them know they are loved by Him and they are not forgotten. Could you also pray for Sarah, Mary and Laura and my other sisters in Christ who so desperately need prayers. Could you also write to them? To find out more look here:

I am humbled by today’s act. I am unable to comprehend the suffering these people go through for their faith. Many have lost family members  simply for professing to know Jesus or attending a secret Christian meeting. When I raise my hands in prayer or praise on a Sunday morning in worship, I can do so freely and openly. I am thankful and am now much more challenged to pray for the persecuted church more. Please join me. 

Ruth x