I am so thankful that my girls go to the school they do. 

I had lots of fun at an Alice in wonderland tea party with my 10 year old this afternoon as their class have been studying this exciting book this term! Lots of cake and drink and ‘eat me!’ labels!! 

I also saw year 2s making real sausages as I walked by! Exciting and looking yummy!!! 

I then went back to school for a governors’ meeting later and while waiting for the meeting to start I saw lots of lovely displays from a recent prayer space event that the school held. Wow. 



I think it is wonderful that scripture is displayed so openly at my childrens’ school and that they have opportunity to respond to it. I am so thankful too for the wonderful leaders who lead these children each day in worship and in thinking through their faith. 

Thankful this evening! What are you thankful for today? 

Ruth xxx