Today’s act was to #blesstheboss our leaders, bosses, those who have responsibility for others. 


I opted to send this to my leaders at my church, leaders at Home for Good and leaders at schools including my husband who is a headteacher. 


I thought it was a pretty apt verse that 40 acts gave us! I hope it encouraged others! 

The week started off really well (after a rough day yesterday) with flowers, sweets and treats delivered to my door from my lovely neighbours for the cakes we had baked on Friday.  So sweet and kind of them. I gave to them expecting nothing in return so it was a delight to receive something back. As one of my friend’s commented on my facebook post ‘kindness breeds kindness’. So right! 




The girls were delighted to come home to sweets and treats!! 

I also managed to give some flowers away to friends today and almost made one lady cry! It really was so lovely to see her sweet reaction! 


I also made a (queen of) hearts cake for an Alice in Wonderland party tomorrow! I’m wondering if I should aim to make a 40 acts cake too as a finale?!  



Ruth xxx