The kids’ act today is to say hello to your neighbours and to learn their names. Happily, we are on first names with practically everyone in our close. There are 8 houses and we are all quite friendly! I love living here and consider myself very fortunate. 

My act today is to widen my circle, get to know others I wouldn’t normally. 

I thought these two acts were quite good to combine so we continued baking for our neighbours and actually managed to bake for all the remaining three neighbours. 

It was good fun! My 3 year old is a good little helper and amidst playing in the garden in the beautiful spring sunshine, she helped me with the baking. She’s got used to it now and asks ‘who are we giving the cakes to today?’ When we start off!! 

We delivered the three cakes although cake number 2 was accompanied with much screaming as my little one is terrified of dogs and they have two!!! Eek! Other than that, we happily delivered them plus a card to see how my neighbour is. She had cake number 1 some weeks ago!!! 

I did experience my first #40acts rejection though as I offered some chocolate brownies to the workmen in our street. None of them wanted one and one said their dog would eat it if no one else would!!!! 😳😳😳😳

I admit to turning on my heel and I did not give a brownie to the dog!! The cheek!!!! 😄😄

You win some you lose some eh?! 

Have a wonderful weekend whatever you are doing! Ruth xxx