I have really enjoyed doing 40 acts. Some days if I’m honest, I’m not as energised as others but I am enjoying it and trying my best! 

Yesterday was really fun! #chocolatetuesday was declared and we were ‘chocs away’ spreading joy by giving out free gifts of chocolate! 

I went shopping and labelled the choc bars with #40acts and went for a chocolate walk! 

I had a few messages back via facebook to say thank you (even though they were not labelled with my name, local people guessed it was me!) 

I got a hug from my neighbour too which was really lovely. I never knew giving was this much fun! 

The girls’ act was to write, text or email 5 people they have not been in contact with for a while. We did not manage 5 each! But my 3 year old made two butterfly cards for her cousins and my 11 year old sent a card to a friend she made on a Scripture Union holiday last summer. My 10 year old wanted to keep her card!!!! (She later agreed to use it for an upcoming birthday). I actually loved this act so I joined in and wrote to some friends and family (including some chocolate coins in my notes!!) 

What are you up to today? Have you been doing 40 acts or interested to find out more? Check out http://www.40acts.org.uk 

Love Ruth x