I woke up this morning and read this act thinking ‘how can I serve the people who serve me?’ I actually resented this act if I’m honest. As a busy mum of 3, I feel like I serve A LOT but thankfully God softened my heart and opened my eyes!!! He is gracious!!! 

After the school run, I was racking my brains and thought I’d have to give this one a miss but then the Tesco delivery arrived and I suddenly felt I needed to give a gift to my delivery driver and chat to him about 40 acts. 

I did just that, gave him this: 

And discovered it was only his second day in the job! He was nervous and then astounded when I presented him with a gift and words of thanks! He shook my hand and he was on his way! 

Later on I also felt I needed to give to the people who serve us each day by educating our children, day in day out! I made a batch of brownies and gave them to my daughters preschool staff. They were delighted and thankful! 

I gave my older girls’ school staff chocolates yesterday as part of #chocolatetuesday. 

The brownies baking got me thinking, who else serves me each day? The postman!!

He was also delighted, knocked on the door and said “I’m all emotional! Thank you!” 

I never knew giving could make such an impact! God is really breaking me down and building me up again through this experience. I hope that in all I am doing, I am honouring the Lord and all he is has already given me! It’s all about Jesus. Only him. Always. 

With love,

Ruth xx