So spoilt! This is just a selection of my gifts. I had a lot more! 

But yesterday, as glorious as it was and how blessed I am to have three beautiful girls, was filled with awareness that there are many children waiting for their own mummy, mummies who have lost their babies or children, birth mothers who can not be with their birth children and those who no longer have their mums anymore. I dedicated this day to them. 

You are loved, valued and precious to God and He has not forgotten you. 

Home for Good is a charity I am passionate about. I am an adoption champion at my church for them and have written our adoption story for them. 

You can read it here:

If you want to know more about Home for Good, the great work it does encouraging and supporting the church to be adoptive parents and foster carers, check out their website and you can see them on Songs of Praise from yesterday here:

Have a great week!

Ruth xxx