We are almost halfway! Act 19 today for the children was to tidy their room without being asked!! Ha ha! I did in fact have to remind them and lay heavy hints. I even played each of them off each other ‘this room is soooooo tidy, well done, can your sister do better……let’s see!!!’ …..I’m a bad mummy!! But they both now have tidy rooms……after some nagging!! The 3 year olds room was tidied by me!!! Maybe next year she can help more?!!! 

The Adult act was to think of how we can pray, write to or support prisoners or victims of domestic violence. Not very cheery today but I racked my brains and contacted a missionary friend in Thailand who is a prison worker and she gave me some fabulous prayer points. I am doing a journal so I will be praying for these prisoners, that they would find God even in the darkness of prison isolation and bleak futures. Please join me. God loves us ALL unconditionally. His love is for all. 

As for the rest of the day, I spent the morning with my 3 year old and 18 other 3-4 year olds at preschool! Noisy but lots of fun! It’s mummy’s week so mummies are invited in! We had fun in the sunshine playing with water, mud, balls, stilts, watering cans, toys, reading books, doing puzzles and Lego, eating snack, eating lunch. It was good. My daughter goes to a great preschool. I even came home with Mother’s Day flowers! Cute cute cute!!! 

When we got home, we found an unexpected treat for us! I think someone else might be doing 40 acts too! 

It was a good day! I hope you had a good one too. 

Ruth xxxxx