The birthday girl had a fab time! She ate pizza, had 7 friends round for a fashion party, ate cake and had fun! 

The girls who stayed over for sleepovers were angelic and slept from 9.30pm to gone 7am! Bliss!! 

We had grandparents to visit yesterday and I made a very successful banoffee pie which everyone enjoyed (apart from the fussy 3 year old!!) 

Today is actually birthday DAY! So more cake and presents tonight! 

It’s basically been a four day birthday fest!!! 

In the midst of this we have not managed all of our acts for 40 acts. We had no screen free day and no toys were donated but they did see their grandparents a lot!! 

Amidst the birthday craziness, we did manage to bake a cake for another neighbour. This is cake number 4 which was gratefully received. 

I got a few surprises too which was lovely! 

A card from a friend who I wrote to earlier in 40 acts. 

And flowers from a friend too. 

I’m smiling! 

Today’s act 17: is to buy one and give one away. I actually bought two bunches of daffodils this morning having no idea what to do with them (!!) and as I walked out of the shop, I walked past the local care home and suddenly got the ‘nudge’ and walked back to the care home and gave them both to the reception area for them to give to the residents or use as they saw fit. The lady was quite shocked but happy! 

Hoping you have a great week! 

Ruth xxx