So we are carrying on with 40 acts! 

We’ve been delivering flowers to teachers at school and preschool, writing notes for each other, offering help to others, thinking about how we can reuse, reduce, recycle plastic and just generally bring generous! It’s good! 

We’ve also had fun being fun together! I left this for my husband to find this morning which made Wednesday morning a bit more exciting than it normally is!!! 

 He bought me some fair trade chocolate and my sweet mum bought me my own flowers too! Giving breeds more giving! It really is a blessing to receive but much more to give. 


We’re also busy baking for our neighbours and want to bake for each house through lent. We’ve done three so now we need five more cakes! One of my neighbours was so sweet today and said their cake was delicious. He enjoyed it  and realised it was still warm from the oven when they got it! Oh and remember the daffs we sent to the neighbours too? One of my neighbours said they had really cheered up her grandson who had been poorly for ages! 

It’s great to hear these lovely stories and to get closer to the neighbours, the people in our street. I want them to know we are community; a loving, strong community. 


Ruth xxx