This morning I had the pleasure of going to this beautiful church for breakfast and a time of worship too. It was very lovely. 

Each table was laid out like this. Pretty in pink with pastries and a gift! 

I’ve been to quite a few of these ladies’ breakfasts now and they are always beautifully laid out and a great blessing. 

A few months ago I went to one breakfast and ‘thought’ I saw my name on the wall at this church but I was deep in worship and thought I could have imagining it! However I went to check today and low and behold, there it was! 

After the breakfast, I went over to my parents church where my girls were happily helping their grandparents at their little church cafe. They were eagerly helping and enjoy doing this every few weeks and I know my parents appreciate the help too. It would have been rude for me not to have (another) cake and drink so gladly sat down and relaxed! 

All in all an excellent Saturday morning!! 😊

Ruth x