40 Acts continues with act 7 today which is to ‘hold onto our worldly possessions lightly’. Linked to the verse in the Bible ‘store up treasure in heaven…’ Today’s challenge is to de clutter and not hold onto anything that is distracting, cumbersome or not useful anymore. Hence a clear out by me! This lot (below) is off to our local charity shop. I sent them a note with the bags to let them know about the 40 acts challenge too. Spread the love! 

The children’s challenge today is to recycle our plastic, glass, metal etc.  We already do this in earnest so not much different to normal! 

Now we are back to term time, I’ve had lots of people talking to me about 40 acts and are really interested. It’s our first year of doing this and it is certainly something to chat about! Good for community! 

We’ve just returned from the preschool cake sale which was great fun! We didn’t need our coats as the sun came out beautifully! More ‘giving’ cake to then basically buy back but all good (sugary) fun for a Wednesday! 

With love,

Ruth x