National Adoption week

This week is National Adoption week. 

It’s a week for profiling Adoption and the need for more adopters to step forward. It’s important to say that Adoption is not for everyone. It certainly is a challenging way to grow your family as children will often be placed for adoption with a history of trauma and neglect. They will almost always not be babies available for adoption. While there are many challenges facing adoptive families as they grow together; there is certainly lots of happiness to be found too. For us, it is almost 10 years since our adopted children came to live with us and life changed significantly! It’s also just over 5 years since we had a surprise birth child too. I think one of the best aspects of adoption for us has been the incredible bond our adopted girls share together but also how they absolutely adore their younger 5 year old sister who just sees them as sisters completely. Here she is dressing up and playing in her big sister’s room……..check out that grin! 

Family isn’t about who you are blood related to. It’s about love. It’s about being accepted just as you are and welcomed in. 

If you have space in your heart and a little bit of space in your home, could you open up your life to adoption? 

If you know me at all, you’ll know that the last few years it has been wonderful to be championing the work of Home for Good; a Christian charity encouraging churches to support adopters, foster careers and their children. If you want to know more about adoption, what it involves and how you can be involved, check out for more information and check out #supportadoption on social media for inspirational stories on all things adoption this week. 

Ruth x 

What does adoption mean? 

‘What does it mean to be adopted?’ asked the 5 year old to the 11 year old. 

‘It means that I had a birth mummy who couldn’t look after me and my social worker and mummy and daddy’s social worker found me a safe forever place to live with mummy and daddy.’ 

‘That’s crazy!’ 

‘Crazy good?’ 

‘Yes crazy good’

That was (part of) tonight’s tea time conversation. It made me smile! 

You see she’s never known any difference at all. All she knows is that her sister is her sister and she LOVES her. 


Weekend musings

After hearing a great sermon last Sunday, my husband told me that I needed to share what I told him this week. This story concerns our 5 year old daughter, Hannah and God. I love how God uses my everyday in every way to teach me more of Him. 

Here goes: 

Hannah is a girl who doesn’t take no for an answer. She may appear quiet but underneath the quiet demeanour, she is incredibly determined. She is not afraid to ask for what she wants. She says what she thinks. She asks for what she wants and if it’s appropriate and she’s asked nicely, she usually gets it! (More on that in a bit). She is BOLD. She climbs on my lap and asks for kisses and hugs. She is comfortable to ask. (Side note: This is quite a shock to us as parents as our two older girls are so quiet and do not always ask and say what they feel.We are working on this!!)  

This asking, this pursuing, this boldness… reminds me of how God wants my relationship to be with Him. He wants me to ask Him. He wants me to seek Him. He wants me to boldly approach Him and claim His promises. 

The Bible says in Matthew 7:7,8

‘Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.’ 

It goes on to say in Matthew 7:9-11

‘Which of you, if your son asks for bread will give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish will give him a snake? If you then …….know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more with your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!’

I love those pictures! Can you imagine giving your child a snake when they want fish fingers?! Or a stone when they want a sandwich??!! As a parent I want to give all of my children good things. I want to bless them and help them. I want to be there for them. I want to give them what they need. (However, they may not always get what they want!!)

And that’s what God wants to give us too. He knows what we need and He wants us to ask him. He wants us to get to know him better; spend more time with him and pursue him BOLDLY. 

Hannah’s boldness has reminded me to boldly ask God. Not to be shy and timid but to ask and receive. It also reminded me of the great song ‘Boldy I approach..’ by the Rend Collective based on Hebrews 4:15 ‘Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.’

I love it and recommend a listen! 

What do you want to ask God for today? 

Be confident. He asks us to boldly approach Him. 

Ruth xxx

It’s never too early….for cake! 

I went out to a cafe the other day BEFORE 9am and I just thought I’d share with you that even though that may be quite early in the morning; it is never, I repeat, never too early for cake!! 😊☕️🍰

I may have managed to do this twice this week with lovely friends which has been a lovely blessing as we all adjust to new routines, new schools and long days! The summer holidays seem a long time ago! 

Devon – you beauty! 

We are back from a fab time in Devon. Lots of swimming, tennis, yummy food, treats, cream teas, cake, table tennis, days out to the beach, visiting ponies and donkeys, Paignton zoo and more. We watched a lot of late night Olympics and even did some knitting!! Rock and roll!! 

Devon just never disappoints! Of course it wasn’t all roses- let’s be real, its hard work to spend so much ‘full on’ time together sometimes! – we had siblings falling out, moods, strops and such like standard stuff but mostly fun was had! And I got a year older – eek! 

40 happy years! 

My parents recently celebrated their Ruby wedding anniversary! Congratulations to them both! What an inspiration and support they are to me and all my family. 

We travelled to Wales to celebrate with them and stayed in a lovely Old coach house for a sunny week together. We had a lovely time exploring my old home town of Brecon, enjoying the fresh air, lovely food, fun and introducing my youngest daughter to the Welsh countryside and mountains! Here’s a snapshot of the fun. 

We were so blessed to have gorgeous weather all week and our 12 year old horse crazy daughter was delighted with the beautiful horse ‘Crumble’ at the bottom of the garden! She spent any spare time she had taking photos of the unruly stallion and managed a visit to the next door farm to meet many more horses too! 

Thank you Wales for a super week. It was wonderful to spend time together and enjoy beautiful scenery too! 

Rio 2016! 

I’m just preparing to watch the beginning of the Olympics and remembering when I flew to Rio and then onto a smaller Brazilian city, Curitiba, 17 years ago almost exactly to this day! Brazil is an amazingly beautiful country; rich in culture, steeped deep in religion and superstitions. 

I went to Brazil in 1999 for 5 weeks with the Baptist Missionary society to serve in a children’s home with four other young women. For the latter half of the trip I was privileged to lead the team as we served in the children’s home, helped the family as they served the girls that lived there (aged 12-19). It was not an easy trip.  I ate rice and black beans every day for 35 days! The toilets were incredibly basic! I washed my clothes in cold water for five weeks and battled with the heat of the day and the cold at night! The girls in the home were very troubled, rebellious and would run away regularly. The work was hard. Most houses had vodka and /or red roses outside their houses to ward away evil spirits. The team was amazing – we were total strangers at the beginning and strong friends at the end although sadly, I didn’t keep in touch with any of my team mates long term. There was no Facebook then!! 

I remember meeting with God in the midst of turmoil, working with troubled young girls who had lost everything. I remember reading big chunks of scripture which have stuck with me ever since. I remember God opening my mind and my heart for the vulnerable. So many seeds were planted. It’s been interesting seeing what God has allowed to grow! God did a lot with me in Brazil. He planted seeds in my heart about adoption. I came home and told my, then boyfriend, now husband, that we would should adopt in our future! And we did! 

Last weekend, friends of ours were speaking at church about their recent work in Thailand and how God has now brought them to work in Germany. I was reminded of God’s great faithfulness to them over the years and also to us. When my husband then led the song ‘Great is your faithfulness’ at the end of service, it was even more confirmation that God is a good, good God and He is faithful! 

Watching the Olympics and thinking of beautiful Brazil, I’m totally reminded of how God has been faithful to me over many many years and I’m so thankful. 

The very best things….

Ten years ago this summer we made the decision to start the adoption process. It was scary and very hard to let go of so many dreams after many years of heartbreaking infertility.
But God, oh I love sentences that start like that! But God, who can do so much more than we can ever believe or imagine, so much more……He has blessed us so very much and given us more than we could have ever dreamed of!! I get to be these girls’ mummy every single day! What a joy, a challenge, a privilege! ❤️❤️❤️ If you’re thinking about adoption, please pursue it. Pray about it, ask godly friends to pray for you, search the Bible, talk to God, search His heart, talk to your friends and family and go for it! It’ll be the hardest thing you ever do………but do you know what? The very best things in your life are often born from the very hardest of places.

In 2007 we were blessed to adopt two little girls. In 2011, we were delighted to find I was miraculously pregnant!! Only God! Only Him! 

Ruth X